Whats up guys?

Hi! My name is taylor!
I have been yoyoing for bout 7-8 months. Im home schooled so i have enough free time. Im 14 years old and yoyoing is my passion. Here is a video i made the other day ft. YYF REGEN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQiybSshOvA

I would really appreciate some tricks you think i should work on or what i could do to get better Smiley

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EPIC video! I wish I would be this good within 8 months.

I’d say for 8 months that’s pretty incredible! Way to be man.

You’re leagues better than me at 8 months vs. my 2+ years. Haha! Nice work.

why does everyone else have flow

Thanks guys :slight_smile: Also I actually just did the math and I started yoyoing in August last year so technically is been around 6 months :slight_smile: Me and my friends also have an instagram that we post some random videos on. its @shuttersquad1 if you are interested!

Any trick recommendations?

@kadabrium What do you mean?

My game-plan is after basketball season ends, I am going to practice up and lean a lot of new tricks. Then once i feel confident enough, I will go to my first contest :slight_smile: There is just one problem… I Know nothing (zero) (zilch) (nada) about how contests work, like how you get ranked and all that stuff.
So if someone could explain how they work and some tips would be nice also! :slight_smile:


Very impressive indeed, especially for only 6 months. Keep up the practice and you will go far.  :slight_smile:


This pretty much has all the information you could need. If there’s anything you want clarifying then ask away.  :slight_smile:

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Look darn good for 8 months man.
But my advice is to make going pro second priority, having fun should always be first priority with throwing. If your only motivation to practice is to turn pro you may find yourself dissappointed when things don’t work out on your timeline, which in turn will take a lot of the fun out of throwing. Keep up the good work and things will fall into place as they should, when they should.

that is the best i have EVER seen for less than a year :o :o :o :o

some tricks you should try are the ones that look coolest/most fun to you!

other than that, you are absolutely INSANE :o

just curious, how are you liking the Regen?

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Wow Thanks! The Regen is a good yoyo. It plays very fast but its not the best for practicing/ Creating tricks. It sticks to the string a little but it will eat up your fast combos and ask for more.

That is so good for 8 months dang give me your skills

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Wow that was impressive. Very nice work.

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You are doing great for such little possible practice. Really good! I would just stick to it and only Throw for fun, even a Pro will tell you that. :wink:

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I actually use my Regen exclusively for practice, I find mine to be pretty darn stable, but it does punish for a really sloppy trick, I suppose since delrin isn’t as dense as metal, but I honestly have no idea. I just hate the 8 ball CT that comes stock, the one it came with was broken out of the box, and the replacement seized and keeps seizing regardless of cleaning. I know there are better metals for practice, and I honestly don’t use it at home, but since I spend roughly 10 hours a day on campus, I use my Regen a ton.

You’re great for 6 or 8 months of playing though, I wish I had the time to devote to practice so I could progress that fast, but I’m afraid a sick freestyle routine won’t land me a veterinary doctorate. :stuck_out_tongue: I wish I didn’t have to adult so much, I hate adulting

All joking aside though, you are really good, keep it up and you could really be great, but I agree, throw for fun, because competition isn’t fun, I know that for a fact

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Wait, Competitions aren’t fun? Then why do people go to them? I always imagined that they would be a blast!?!

Also i have a question: How to pros get there free style music to be exactly 3 mins? Does their team have pro music makers/editors? Just wondering…

Btw thanks for all the complements. They are really motivating me to work even harder (and to still have fun also:P)

Competitions are a lot of fun, I think he meant yo-yoing just for the purpose of competing is not as fun.

For music - You can cut your music to whatever the required length of performance is, 1, 2, or 3 minutes, you don’t need a pro music editor for that. Or just pick a song and the person running sound at the contest will just stop the music at the correct time. It’s entirely your call.

You’re doing way better than my ~9 months of practice. Granted, that’s what I like about throwing, it’s impossible to not enjoy it no matter your skill level, so everybody has their own pace. That being said, your pace of learning is crazy fast, haha.

I also like seeing the Regen being used for some awesome combos, it really is an amazing plastic throw. I have the original all black version, but your video really makes me want to pick up one of the new ones with those teal caps, really pops out at you during play.

Anyways, I wouldn’t focus on competing/going pro necessarily, as then your priorities with throwing might get skewed. The way you’ve progressed in 6 months clearly shows you have talent and pick new stuff up quickly, so just keep doing whatever you’re doing. If you have any local or regional contests, start going to them, and just do what you can do. If you keep on your crazy pace of advancement, you’ll likely get noticed just by your play, without trying to get noticed/sponsored.

yeah man, you could seriously have someone wanting to sponsor you VERY soon.

Again, amazing work, keep it up! :slight_smile:

You’re amazing at yoyoing