My placing at the South Central Regional yoyo contest!!

Hey guys I just wanted to let everyone know that I placed 5th at SCR!! So I am seeded into semifinals at nats!!

I will post a link to the video when they get uploaded to YouTube.


Moving on UP! Congrats on placing at Regionals!

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Daaannng! I can’t remember where I saw this but haven’t you only been yoyoing only like 6 months or something

Congratulations and good luck. I got my regional contest this weekend, so if I do well enough, I will see you there. But, I will most likely be doing 5A. :wink: :smiley:

Vs JonRob. Goodluck…


Found it for you haha

Hopefully I do as well at my regionals on Saturday

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Haha thanks dude!!! Ii am planning on uploading my own recording of it as well cause i have a better angle and you can see al my tricks :slight_smile: they sort of failed :frowning:

Good luck dude :slight_smile:

I am at like 11 4/5 months now
!!! Almost my one year mark!!!

Blimey-o-riley! Taylor got skills! :o

Congratulations man. I have to ask, how often do you practice each day? That’s astonishing progress for only a year…

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That was a great freestyle, Taylor. Unfortunately, the cameraman failed terribly. :smiley:

So far i have practiced every day. Sometimes for just an hour sometimes for like 8 :stuck_out_tongue:
but i just try to have fun with it :slight_smile:


This is where MY recording of my freestyle will be uploaded!!!

Baller… Goodluck at Nationals!

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Congratulations, that is seriously impressive, not even considering that this is your first year at it.

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Thanks dude! I Will do my best

Thanks :slight_smile: I do put a lot of time into yoyoing so its nice to have people complement you once in a while :slight_smile:

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