How long did it take you to do a contest and how did you do? I think I’m going to do one in June! Any tips?

Be confident in yourself. And whAt contest?

Minesoda state

10 Months. I went from knowing nothing in regards to yoyo and then being the sound production provider for CalStates.

Oh, you mean competing in a contest? I’m never going to compete. No trick ladder, no freestyle, no exhibition(unless you want a BAD example!). That ain’t what it’s about for me.

Here’s my advice for competing:
If you want to compete and can afford the fee, do it. I would actually though advice for your first contest, just attend and see what it’s like, which helps you understand how it works better and you can maybe gauge yourself against others. However, don’t feel you need to take that advice. If you’re not so sure, do a trick latter, it’s a great starting point. if you think freestyle is more your thing in one or more styles, go for it. The worse case is you don’t do so well, but at the same time, you gain knowledge and experience and that’s way more important. Some people don’t wait as long to compete, which is fine too.

Regardless, understand two things:
People WANT you yo do good.
Nobody wants to see you fail. They’ll cheer you on no matter what!

Yeah, that’s how this community works.

Thanks a lot I think I’ll go to mid west regional first and the see how I would be! Thank you

I’ll be there to I think :wink:

I was throwin’ for about a year and a half before I attended and competed at my first contest. Tied 2nd in prelims. Last place in finals (7th). Finals was 3 minutes and I had 1 minute of material. Nerves got the best of me. And Spencer Berry’s mustache was super distracting.

Just make sure you have enough material for the whole freestyle. And make sure you practice it. the more you practice the more confident you will be on stage. Don’t just stand in one place while you yoyo because you will miss out on performance points. Wash your hands 10 minutes before you go up because sweaty hands can ruin a freestyle. And don’t forget to smile.

Good Luck!

I competed at VA States after 4 months of throwing. When I competed, I went and turned in the registration form at the last minute possible because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to compete. I only competed in sports ladder though. I got 2nd in sports ladder and won a trigger and 100 strings. If you’ve been throwing for less than 6 months, I recommend either competing in sports ladder or don’t compete. But, if you’ve been throwing for more than six months, compete in freestyles if you feel you have enough material for 1 minute. It’s all up to you, if you don’t compete, you won’t be bored, you can trade, get autographs, watch other people’s freestyles, buy yoyos from vendors, talk to owners. There’s plenty to do.

Do you know when and where mid west regional is?

I think it was at the mall of America last year, my friend who did not even throw went and saw it and I’ve never been to a contest :stuck_out_tongue:

Atleast I know triple crown and IL state are usually always in Chicago. Going to compete in those.

when is that?

Think its usually in Julyy or something. DIdn’t go to any contests last summer due to quitting, but this summer im going through my normal routine (Includes MWC)

What contest have booths? I would love to be able to try some throws out.

Look for “sponsors” for the contest. Many may have a booth. The website for the contest should have this information on it.

Otherwise, other people may let you try their stuff, which also another likely possibility.

Ok thanks, so out of the mid west contest what do you guys think i should go to to watch, and with a lot of people? What’s the most popular?im thinking triple crown.

If you wanna try throws out, just ask people who brought their cases and have them open!

Most of the time yoyoers will be mire than happy to let you try their throws out, just as long as you don’t ding them :wink:

I’ve been throwing for 5 months and I think I’ve put together a decent freestyle for a contest next week (my first). It really depends on how well you learn, and not how long you’ve been going. People progress at different paces. If you can make a couple minutes of smooth, original material, go for it!

I think I’ll go to Cal States next year or maybe BAC’s. What contest are you going to in June?

mall of America June 23rd