How good do you have to be to compete?


I’ve played for 3 months, stopped for 3 years, and started again 3 days ago. I can do Gerbil, Cold Fusion, Pop n Fresh, Eli Hops, Plastic Whip, Boing e boing, flops, and half a kwijibo, but those are just the hard ones. In like 15 minutes I could learn a trick (less than difficulty of those given).

I’m wondering if I should even bother going to a contest, as the nearest one is 3.5 hours away. What is the usual skill level of state contests? I see videos online of people doing crazy tricks, but I know that’s national or worlds and of course they are good. Should I wait till I can get all of the ladder?


You can compete whenever you want its not about winning. But since you have to make such a long trip you might want to wait a bit until you get more of the laddder tricks down.

But I would really recommend going to contest as soon as you can. Thats a great way to met other players and just hang out and have great time

I would say go whether or not you will compete. It is great to just go be with other yoyoers and get inspired. You can learn from others and hat have a good time. You should also look the contest up and what different “divisions” they have. Maybe there will be one that fits your level perfectly. Good luck and have fun.

You don’t even have to know what an Eli hop is to compete

But to win, is a little different

What about the sport ladder? Do people ususally finish the whole thing?

The winners often do. But many people don’t.

Both 1 and 2?

Any contest’s skill level is higher than that. It’s usually pretty high-level no matter where you are. Not to bring you down, but you probably won’t make finals, but it’s not a bad idea to get some experience on stage. Contests are also fun to attend even if you’re not competing.

You should go to the contest! It’s tons of fun.

Until you feel you are good enough. When you begin making your own combos I would say.

If you wait until you are good enough, you may never get to a contest.