How good should you be before you compete?

I was wondering about how good you should be before you compete? Can anyone give me a rough estimate or answer?


Well, depends, If it’s a school talent show- you can do anything, If its state-- Depends on the amount and skill of others, but i’d say around expert


Cool thanks! Yes, its at state.

I wouldn’t say expert! Most state contests (which one is it?) have other divisions than the freestyle divisions. What about a Sport Ladder? That’s a perfect way to start competing; not too stressful and you get to hang out more with the other yo-yoers.

~yo! shi!

Like expert on the Trick Section- The hardest trick on most ladders is Black Hops and Spirit bomb.


North Carolina States.

Depends on what place you want to get. If you want to have fun, and do whatever, at least have a good variety of tricks mastered. If you want to be in top 5-10, chances are you are done with this site when it comes to learning. You should have a lot of skill under your belt. But for the most part, have fun.

im goin to north carolina states. C U THERE!!! ;D

Kinda related… I’m thinking of going to the talent show, but I can’t do enough tricks!!! What are some audience appreciated tricks?

HaHa, ok, start with some east tricks for fun-- So like have 2 songs, the first is like slow and kinda lame while you do lame rock the baby tricks, and then switch to the second song and do awesome cold fusion tricks. You can do 1 trick like 10 times, just disguised. Some big fan tricks are boingy-e-boing, Eli Hops, Boomerang, any fast tricks, and the best-- WHIPS!!!

Thanks… except I can’t do boing-e-boing, and I need protection for boomerang.

having run the past 2 nc states, i say COMPETE!!! DO IT!!! PRESSURE!!!

seriously, nc states this year will not be a huge contest, and i encourage ANYONE going to compete in something. if you’re not up for doing a freestyle, definitely do sport ladder. it’s not about winning so much as supporting the scene, the contest, and each other. the nc crew are a positive bunch, and no one’s gonna think about slamming you if you choke. AND we’re going to have a ton of nice prizes (thanks andré!)

People really like Gyro FLop

Anything looks magical…


A sleeper

i’ll be at nc states too. i’ve never competed before but i’m going to try the ladder. i plan on losing and having fun. if you want to try the ladder then make sure you check out the tricklist.

Sweet! Im gonna try the Ladder too, Looks like we have each other as compitition! Lets keep in touch!

I’m going to try to go to North Carolina, too. When you compete in the Ladder, do you have to get the yoyo back to your hand? With a snap?

Nice! Good luck to both of you. I sooo wish I could be there. =]

@Batryn: What tricks do people think of when they hear the word “yo-yo”. I’m sure whatever you do will amaze them. You could just get away with Walk the Dogs, Around the Worlds, Rock the Baby’s and whatever else you have. Start right from the basics and work your way up to wherever you are. It’s about the presentation though, make sure you show that you’re having fun!

~yo! shi!

im planning to go to the socal contest in 2010