Competition problems (noob questions)

I’ve never been to a state contest and I am going to VA states but I don’t know the level of yoyoing, I’m decent being able to do advanced part 2 and some expert
Tricks but I dont know if I’m good enough to enter could someone Plz tell me If in good enough

Sorry I know I’m a noob when it comes to competitions

1: If you want to compete, do so. Worse that happens is you don’t make it past the preliminaries.

2: Do the trick ladder instead. They publish the tricks way ahead of time so you can practice.

3: Watch a LOT of routines on YouTube. That’s how people compete. Combos, combos, combos.

4: Music. 1 minute for prelims, 2 minute for finals. Please, speaking as an audio professional, if you can edit it for me, please do so. 1 track per CD, clearly labelled with your name and what it’s for. Josh Yee is awesome. He’ll give you a stack of 10 CD’s for his performances, since he competes in all 5 styles. His stuff usually isn’t pre-edited though. Worse case is your track will get cut off.

It’s better to compete, you might not win but I I doubt you’ll come in last, there also is NO age or skill level required, just be able to
Bind rock the baby walk the dog, and do the gravity pull. ;D