What can I expect at a contest?

So I was thinking of going to MA states and had a few questions: I am pretty average skilled but not amazing (I can do tricks like Plan D, Pagodas, White bhudda, etc.) If I was to put together a freestyle and compete just for the experience of getting on stage, but not winning (obviously), what could I expect? are there a people that do it for fun or is it mostly serious?

Just do it.
It really is fun.
like REALLY fun.

seeing your vid and samad’s is what got me thinking about it haha. What kind of tricks are really good to do at a contest? I know tricks that I made up are a plus, but are there any others that are popular among judges?

judges love stunt tricks like jumping over the string. or at least tyler loves that. but i went without competing and i wish i did at least do the ladder section.

i just competed in the socal 2010 chapionship and i had alot of fun.

Lots of people compete at state contests but don’t actually have anything planned. They just go on stage and do tricks as they think of them. This is easier if you know longer tricks because it takes up more time, but you can still do it with whatever you have. Just have fun!

Have fun, smile, move around. No need to plan anything, maybe just the order of the tricks. Tricks that have been made but the judges have never seen are extra points. Really risky moves (suicides and such) are a mega bonus.

Do you get like free yoyos at contests? Or something else? Like money?

thanks for the respones! I think I’m definitely going to MA states now!

Speaking for the one contest I’ve been to, there are prizes for placing in the freestyle and even the ladder, as well as (sometimes) a raffle or two for a goodie bag with yoyos inside.

I just want to put my little bit in here. There is no reason why you shouldn’t compete. It really is fun. I usually run the competition but last year I competed just to say I did. I’m glad I did too. Don’t worry about prizes either. If you get them good, if you don’t well the time you spent meeting other people and having total fun will more than make up for it.

fun fun fun and some more fun (did i mention fun). if you have the chance to go, do it. i went to pa states and even though it was small it was tons of fun

if you haven’t heard this from anybody yet then let me be the first to say: go to a competition if you can because they are nothing but fun

Contests are really fun to go to. It’s fun even if you don’t compete. Meet new people, trade tricks, try yoyos and trade yoyos. You will have fun competing.

Everyone needs to compete at least once for the experience. It really isn’t that serious if you don’t have high expectations for yourself. Plus, when you know tricks like those, you won’t go up there and embarrass yourself.

Something like… this.

I’m going to compete at PNWR but I’m worried about the off chance that I might make it to finals…

I really enjoyed reading that!