contest tomorrow

i am getting into a yoyo contest tomorrow and i need advice
what impresses the judges?
what will help raise score?
please help

If all you’re interested in is winning (which it shouldn’t be, have fun!) then you should just go really fast and accurately. Just do whatever tricks you think you can nail that have some level of difficulty/impressiveness.

Which contest?

ah it is at the iowa state fair
612 people wow

Although I haven’t ever done a contest before, Slacks and Suicides always look great if you can nail them well. And like Xdohl said, just do whatever you think you can do thats in the level of difficult/impressive.

Good Luck by the way!

What I recommend you do if you just want to have fun and try to win, I would look up some good players that you like and watch their tricks. Then try to mold it to your own liking.

Don’t stay in one place. Move around the stage, stage presence adds points. Don’t just look at the yoyo all the time, when you do a hard trick, look at the audience, get them to applaud. Stuff like that increases your points.

Also, its good to have a freestyle prepared, and not just do what you think of on stage.

Yeah slack is a real crowd pleaser :wink: in the junoir yoyo open I did slack and they loved it, though I didn’t use the stage as I should that does help too. Also have some sort of act prepared in your mind it helps not to stress you.

Good luck.

i got 2nd!!!

Awesome!!! Congrats! ;D

thank you
i didnt think i would do that well
a guy named seth peterson or something was there and hes like a pro


guess you’re pro then! ;D

iowa state fair

cool good job ;D