contest tricks

Hi, I was wondering if you had some trick tutorials that you could post for a yo yo contest performance. I don’t know what kind of tricks to put into a contest.

one more thing, what are thu judges looking for? ???

thanks :wink:

What I would do is make up your own tricks. So anything you can come up with throw it in your routine. Also from what i’ve read the judges look for overall performance along with string hits. Also just go to youtube and watch videos of people at contests. I personally watch videos from worlds and nationals several times over trying to get some sort idea from those guys.

thanks! :slight_smile:

if anybody has any specific tricks tutorials they would be appreciated :wink:

Judges are looking for

Presentation-means that you’re on stage showing off your tricks. They’re looking for a smooth and fast presentation

Profficiency-They’re looking for overall command of the yoyo and how many times you landed and missed a trick

Originality-Innovation is key. They want you to show off tricks that you have came up with OR combine tricks(combos) in ways no one has ever done before

Difficulty-This just means that you’ll score more points for landing Ladder Escape than Split the Atom

There’s probably more but I really can’t think of them right now.

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