how do contests work?

How do contests work? Do you walk up do your best trick and leave?

Well there are different things you can enter.

you can do a trick ladder, or sports ladder. That is basically like a list of tricks. You start at the easy end of the list, and you keep goes up until you mess up. Whoever gets farthest down the list without messing up wins. (That is a very basic explanation, there is a lot more to it than that. But, that should give you a general idea.)
So you would go on stage. They (a judge) would tell you the first trick. You would do it. They would tell you the second trick. You do it. And so on… Then you mess up. Then you are out, and you sit down. Whoever gets farthest wins. Sometimes they let you mess up twice before you are out.

OR you can enter a freestyle. You basically go on stage and music (you bring your own music) plays for a set time period (usually 2 mins). While the music is playing, you have a few minutes to do your best tricks, and give the best yoyo performance you can. There is some form of scoring or judging,(based on certain elements of performance. (Example: trick difficulty, stage presence, level of entertainment, tricks flow with music, ect…) Whoever wins, well… wins.
So, you get on stage. Music starts. you yoyo. you sit down. Judges judge/you are scored in some way.

Theres probably a bunch of other stuff that I don’t know, but that should help a bit.
Contest are awesome. you get to meet ACTUAL yoyoers! (who are hard to come by for me.) You can talk to them, ask them about tricks, yoyos, ect…, you can trade with them, and do a bunch of awesome stuff. If you can find a contest in your area-thats awesome. (The last [and only] contest I went to was a 6 hour drive away) Good luck!

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BAC, 20 minutes away. XD