I have a few questions about joining yo-yo contest.

Hey everybody,
This year I was thinking about going to Moyo state yo-yo contest, and I am even thinking about joining the contest, but there are a few things I was wanting to ask, “Do they have certain levels of freestyle or maybe the trick ladder, as in beginner, intermediate, advance, etc, if not, then at what level should I be to join the Moyo contest?”, and “How do they give you a score?”.
Thank you in advance

As far as freestyle there is only one division.
Not sure on the trick ladder though. I can test Chris (the guy who runs the contest) and ask him though. I’ll try tomorrow. IF I can remember! lol

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What level should I be on to do freestyle?(I just don’t want to be out of place by not being on the expert list, but if I won’t, I would join freestyle to have fun yo-yoing.) It depends on if the trick ladder would have divisions, but if the trick ladder does not have divisions, I might join freestyle, if I won’t be out of place.
Thank you in advance.

First of all, I’m sorry but I have no idea what the answer to your question is.
What I would like to say is, I’ll see you at MOYO ;D

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Like I said before, there is no division in the freestyle. It’s everyone doing a freestyle against you. Also don’t feel out of place. Doing a freestyle is an experience. It’s good to get your confidence up while on stage. It will make it a lot easier when you are a lot better.

Also I’ll see you all there too!

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So will it be okay, the farthest tricks I am on are(I am still working on them.) the matrix, plastic whip, the zipper, boing-e-boing, and boomerang, and I still might compete in the contest?
Sorry for so many questions, but it would be my first contest, if I could go.

WEll this particular contest is an all Saturday event. You don’t have to compete at all. What I suggest is to just go to the contest and take in all you can. Meet all you can and play with all the yoyo’s you haven’t. 99% of the people won’t mind if you ask if you can play with their yo’s. It’s probably one of the best competitions to go to besides Worlds and IYYO.

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I don’t mind being there all day to compete, if I don’t stick out, but if you guys think I should wait til I get better, then I will wait, I was just wanting everybody’s advice.

Well I for one am just going to first of all expand my yoyo knowledge/get to know some people and have fun, secondly to see some of my friends that I haven’t gotten to see in a while and catch up with them and thirdly to perhaps pick up some new throws ;D (At least I’m guessing that there will be some booths set up at MOYO)

But if you want to compete then i say enter (I just wouldn’t get my hopes up to high… Did I mention that I’m at about the same skill level as you? Because I realized that, that last comment may come off as a bit jerky… And that’s not how I meant it)

So is I were you I would get a group of friends together and just all go and have fun with it.

But that’s just my two cents :wink:

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what does moyo stand for? and where is it?

To answer any other contest questions that weren’t answered:

The Ladder is a list of tricks that you have to do. I don’t know whether it’s in order or not but for both, I don’t think there is a skill level division. The Ladder has an age division though (varies from contest) and depending on your age, that’s what division your in. Points are scored by technicality and creativity of trick, how the crowd reacts, how long a combo lasts, and whether or not the trick fits your music. Points are deducted if you mess-up, trade yo-yos during a freestyle and regeneration (starting your dead yo-yo.) Points are not awarded for repeated tricks.

If you compete, don’t worry about winning. The point is to have fun and get experience. I believe the most important thing in competing is not the victory but he sportsmanship and friends you make and the reputation you gain. No pressure (but if you mess-up the world will end :p)

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I have just two more questions, “When should I be there if I do enter freestyle, or would it be the same as last year?”, and “Would the song need to be 2 minutes long, or does that not matter?”.
Thank you for everybody’s help.

Missouri yoyo (Or something along those lines, I’m not exactly sure)

And there are weekly meets held in the City Museum in down town St. Louis Missouri
and I annual contest held there also. If you live anywhere near there I would suggest going… It is very fun ;D

And also, I agree with Chris… If you want to enter go for it, no matter what happens you are sure to have fun.

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The Contest starts early in the morning (usually 9:00) so get there as soon as registration is up. There is no maximum number of competitors but the less means higher chance of getting high up there.

You can use any song but at these standard contests, the freestyle lasts 2 minutes long. The song doesn’t have to be because they have a timer next to the stereo and when the music stops, anything beyond isn’t counted for. I think you have to do a 1 minute prelim but I don’t think so for a State contest. By being up there, you are recognized as one of the state best yo-yoer.

Don’t worry too much about it! I do recommend you practice to your song setting a clock to two minutes. Get some Autographs!

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If you are thinking about freestyling, do it! It is a great experience!

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