4-13-13....COMING SOON!

WOW what a close call last week, unfortunately it fried our website like chicken…Stay Tuned!

Going to moyo tonight ;D

I hear there will be a spin top division that I will be Judging  ;D

I’m working on the ladder rules and what not, in the mean time enjoy this video of me doing the basic 24 tricks (most of which will be on the ladder).

Spin Top video is cool I like that you only need one video link for everything. It will be a minute before the site is up if you want to post the trick list here that would be great! ;D

Here 'tis:

Spin Top Ladder Rules and Trick List

New video for the Spin Top Ladder:

This is the view from the stage… wow there is a bar! So there will be “under 21” hand stamps and "over 21’ will have wrist bands… balcony will have vendors from Yoyo Expert, Square Wheels Yoyo’s, and MoYo, a photo booth, ping pong and a pool table. Also, on the balcony level will be an outdoor area on the rooftop for shooting video!

Yo-Yo contest for the state of Missouri is presented by the National Yo-Yo League at PLUSH…4-13-13! Main Stage Freestyles from 12:30pm-5pm. www.plushstl.com

It still freaks me out after doing this for over 5 years. When I come home and there’s a couple hundred dollars in yoyos …sitting there. Rushed inside safe and sound “I’ll open tomorrow!”

My god we just picked up MY BFF DYL to shoot the freestyles for MOYO13, check out his hit video!


Year One… 2007 Contest!

Wow some pretty cool yo-yo’s just came in. One Drop created a brand new side effect for the SE Sakura resembling the original shape of the horn. This is my first time getting a peek at the new side effect. With this particular colorway, Cobalt, only 50 were made and it’s a collaboration with One Drop and ILYY!

Well I just started a new blog if you want to?..moyo13.com. thanx!


Spin Top prizes are being modded now and hopefully there are some for sale. Not sure yet what yoyoexpert is bringing. But you can start practicing now videos and a downloadable PDF are on MOYO13.com.

OMG 4-13-13 it’s coming soon!
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah whatever but
I’m weirded out it’s like 7 days away! I mean it’s like the first sponsorship from YoYoExpert and It’s the first time Andre’ Boulay has been to St. Louis. Yeah it’s kinda epic for us in the Mid-West I would be lying if I said otherwise. More people should visit we would like that! -Chris Ananda:)