Missouri state yoyo competition

it will be at parkade school in columbia missouri on the 26 of may. Thats all the information i have.

Why the change? Is this not the same thing as the previous Missouri State Contest MOYO?

The person that directed it last year handed over directorship to somebody else.

News to me. Keep us updated please.


Hey do you know any more details about this competition?

This IS different than MOYO. MoYo Chris was unable to secure a venue in time and asked Chris Neff to run a contest so Missouri can get a seeded player into MWR. MoYo Chris is still planning on running a contest later in the year to the best of my knowledge, however the contest on May 26th will seed a player to MWR.

Official website is at http://sites.google.com/site/midmoyoyoexpo/home

Facebook event is at http://www.facebook.com/events/174300299356821/

Beginner, Sport and Spin Top Ladders. 1A and Open Championship. Judges are Chris Neff, Rick Wyatt and myself.

Thanks Blake! Yes there will be a 2012 Missouri State Yoyo Contest…but i am working on a new venue. Whatever happens expect a different feel from Moyo this year! First is the in-state collaboration with Chris Neff and his yo-yo group in Columbia. This is something were both excited to see how it grows both clubs on a state level. The Mid-MO Yoyo contest will be sport ladders with freestyles to seed MO residents to MWR for 2012 on June 24.
MoYo will be in 4 months and thus the MO seed will be for 2013. As soon as the venue is confirmed I will start a new thread. -Chris Ananda

4 months from now is August. I hope that means you’ll have a nice air conditioned venue for the contest.

In-door Bro!

effing ship! It might be outdoors! I will let you know.