MoYo States, anyone going?

As some of you know I live in MO, and we have the annual MoYo State contest at the City Museum. I was just wondering if anyone from this forum will be there. It the last weekend in April. DocPop and Rick Wyatt are a couple of the judges. Post up if your gonna make it!

i really really reallly want to but my boss is gonna be out of town that weekend so i have to cover for her >:( :’(

Wow, 1 reply? So I guess no one live in Missouri huh lol.

its all good OldSchool more room for us to run around the big MO

I am going I have been planning it for months. I am so excited.
Do you know where at in the city museum it is. I have been there a few times.

Yeah, I’ve been there a bunch of times!! I don’t know directions, I use GPS lol. It’s cool at least a few of you guys will be there, looking forward to meeting some of the community. I’m not gonna be competing, just taking tons of pictures!!

same with me, I am just watching and enjoying it.

Bump for recognition. It’s coming soon, anyone else going? I see Andrew Robinson will be there? Anyone else???

Yep, I’ll be there.

Be sure to say hello!