MOYO 2010

(Frank W.) #1

Anyone going to MOYO this year? I myself really want to go and from the looks of it I should be going and competing. As long as nothing happens that is.


yes i am going.


I would say I’m going for sure, but my parents like to be really really lame and not let me go to these things for no reason so we’ll see.


I’m there with my two oldest boys.

(Johnny rocks!!!) #5

I’d be there if i new when the contest is. Hey when is it?


april 24th

(Johnny rocks!!!) #7

thank you.


Will I see you there?

(Johnny rocks!!!) #9

yes you will. Hey does anyone know if you can try the yoyos before you by them, because i am trying to decide between some yoyos and it would help if i could try the yoyos before i buy them.


People will have most of those yoyos in their collections that you can use.


i know when it is but where exactly is it ??? ??? ???

(Johnny rocks!!!) #12

well ya, but do they let you try before buy?


Not sure, but couldn’t you just borrow somebody else’s then buy it if you want? There won’t be much, if any, difference between any two different yoyos of the same model.

(Johnny rocks!!!) #14

i guess so.


But also don’t be afraid to ask them. :wink:

(Johnny rocks!!!) #16

ya i would be really really shy to ask someone to use there yo-yo, it’s just kinda weird. :-[


where is the moyo competition

(Johnny rocks!!!) #18

the city museum. april 24


what state!!! >:( >:( >:( >:( ??? ??? ??? ???


Haha. Really? Mo? as in Missouri? lol I kid. Not trying to be mean bro.

It’s in St. Louis Missouri. Probably the third best competition to go to.