Yo-yo contests and Spin Tops


Two upcoming state contests are going to feature spin top competitions. MOYO 13 and the Kansas State Yoyo contests will both have spin top divisions.

If any body is interested in competing or even just getting to meet some players , I would strongly recommend checking it out if you are able.


Yeah! Here is the spin top contest info:


[center][center]Awesome Spin-Top prizes just dropped too! Check out our blog and contest site… www.MoYo13.com!
If Only![/center][/center]


Original prize photo

All BK’s are now modded:

Also the Trompos are modded! The top two are unmodded (they will be, but those are going to Kansas State’s), the bottom two are neffinized.


Just wanted to say that the Moyo spintop contest was a blast. I wish more contests did this sort of thing. Congrats to Kevin in his win, it was great hanging out with you (and all the other spintopers) again.


Just wanted to update with a sincere apology for those that came out and had the misfortune of their window getting smashed. Please email me if this happened at moyostates@gmail.com. I know 13 is an unlucky number but MY GOD! Already talking with venue about free valet for next year and or security.

Anyway some good news is that we are putting together a video for the spin top competition everthing was caught on film. Probably a cross between a clip video and contest video? And then we will probably do the same for the sport ladder and beginner. This is all coming from our video guy Dylan and if you peek on our new youtube channel videos should start dropping tomorrow on MoYo United1


Thank you MOYO!

I still can’t believe how a guy could bust four windows out at 9:40 AM right across from the venue and not be noticed. Mad skills. Wrong skills, angry skills… he should yo-yo instead. I should be getting my new window Wednesday. I’m proud of my plastic job actually, and will be sad to see it go… not.

MOYO was a blast, great venue, great peeps, good times.


I came away with two neff modded bearing kings. Best prizes I ever got from a contest! Thank you Neff! I had to go get some blue tack to balance the rest of my tops. Thanks for ruining me Chris. Now if I can just get my regens goin…


Great! I look forward to watching it.

Neff took on a lot of work making this happen and was very generous with the prizes. He is amazing! The spintop community should be very thankful of having him.


HA HAH HAAAH once you throw a balanced spin top, unbalanced spin tops just seem… gross ;D