MOYO 13 Full results

Just want to say what an amazing contest this year was! Special thank you to Andre’ Boulay for coming out and really giving tremendous support to make this a success. Also wonderful prizes from John and Blake from Square Wheels. Chris Neff from Strummol8, who modded Spin Tops and judged a killer Spin Top ladder with 7 competitors! Josh Parker a joy to have announce here in STL for the 6th time! And everyone else thank you, we have a complete list of sponsors on we hope you visit them and show them the same support they show us! Now on to results and please feel free to share any videos or photos from the contest. -Chris


1st Martin Risse 38pts


  1. Michael Kuba 29 pts
  2. Luke Sherman 27 pts
  3. Lord James Buffington 25 pts
  4. Jacob Doane 13 pts
  5. Russ Andert 10 pts


  1. Kevin Mckulsky
  2. Scott Surface
  3. Russ Andert
  4. Joel Norris
  5. Lord James Buffington
  6. Michael Kuba
  7. Bryce Benton


  1. Kevin Eulalia 93.78
  2. Shane Lubecker 87.18
  3. Stephanie Haight 81.54
  4. Ian Johnson 78.46
  5. Andrew Robinson 75.78
  6. Alex Fairhurst 67.26
  7. Sam Windnagel 65.08
  8. Robbie Grahm 62.59
  9. Brandon Cole 59.75
  10. Coulter Fafard 57.07
  11. Connor Schultze 55.28
  12. Aron Bendet 51.57
  13. Jacob Vaughn 49.12
  14. Matt Neuman 45.32
  15. Jesse Williams 39.70
  16. Nile Forsythe 34.77
  17. Luke Sherman 28.17
  18. Sterling Forsythe 24.32
  19. Brittany Forsythe 22.55
  20. Jonathan Walker 5.66
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Ian Johnson 84.56
Robbie Grahm 68.93
Brandon Cole 57.18
Shane Lubecker 47.07
Brandon Sommer 10.625


  1. Russ Andert

Expanded results for anyone who wants to see them broken down

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MO 1A Freestyles

  1. Kevin Eulalia 93.78 seed to MWR
  2. Brandon Cole 59.75
  3. Aron Bendet 51.57
  4. Matt Neuman 45.32
  5. Jesse Williams 39.70
  6. Nile Forsythe 34.77
  7. Luke Sherman 28.17
  8. Brittany Forsythe 22.55
  9. Jonathan Walker 5.66


  1. Brandon Cole 57.18 seed to MWR

Fun contest! Thanks indeed to the sponsors and guest judges.
I was able to get Kevin Eulalia’s freestyle so it’ll go up in the video section here.

Yeah it was an awesome contest. Thanks for running it Chris. Hopefully I’ll do better than last in tops at KS.

Is anyone interested in taking up a collection for those who got their car windows smashed?

Spin Top MO State Rankings

  1. Scott Surface
  2. Russ Andert
  3. Michael Kuba

“Is anyone interested in taking up a collection for those who got their car windows smashed?”

Please send me an email if this happened to you at In the meantime we have talked with the concert venue to assure valet for next year!

videos uploaded on TrotterYoYo… ;D