National Yo-Yo Contest (tops)

I lived in Chico when the contest was held there and remember there was a top competition. Is this still the case now that they moved down to southern Ca? I went to the website but see no info on tops.

There was last year.

I emailed them for information on this. I will wait and see.

No, really, I was there. Jorge Alcoz (or however you spell his name) won.

His question is whether there will be a spin top contest THIS year.

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Ah, yes, that would make more sense…

I heard back from Thad about the spin top part of the contest. It sounds like I am the only one who has asked about spin tops so far. He said there is time built into the contest for it but needs someone to organize it. It sounds like we need more people to throw as well.

I can’t do Worlds and Nats in the same year or I would take the reigns here. :frowning:

Thanks for the reply Chris. No worries, these completions are close together and understand.
I am just surprised southern Ca is so quite about tops. ???