Worlds 2014


The World Spintop Contest will take place together with the WYYC in Prague, just 3 weeks from now.
The spintop finals are scheduled for Friday 8/8 after the yo-yo prelims end.
Tyler Young and the Czech brothers (Jakub and Daniel) will freestyle. Also expect Mexican professionals. I’ll be there (possible freestyling) :wink: We will also have the traditional Corkscrew Challenge and some top battling. It will be great!

If you come and you are a top player, don’t forget to ask me to take you a photograph for the Figaro Gallery of Top Players.


The top three routines:

Much more about spintop in Prague on this thread:,3446.0.html


Thanks for posting those ta0.
Really cool to see some new players adding their styles to the mix.