Spintop European Contest


There will be a spintop contest at the European yo-yo contest in Cracow, Poland in March to determine the European Spintop Champion. More info at http://eyyc15.com/

The spintop rules are:

The European Spintop Champion will be decided by 3 rounds, each one a freestyle combo.
The competitors will stand side by side on the stage and will take turns to perform one freestyle. The players not performing should refrain from doing anything that could be a distraction for the performing player or the public.
Each freestyle will last a maximum of 90 seconds but will finish earlier if either the spintop stops spinning (no re-starts allowed) or if goes off stage. Using the string to pick up a spintop from the stage floor while it is still spinning is allowed.

Any spinning top will be permitted, including fixed-tip, bearing-tip and one-way bearing tip, as well as over-sized tops.
The players can change spintops between rounds.

Points are given for each completed trick, from 1 to 6 points depending on the difficulty, risk and originality.
Combination tricks may be considered as multiple tricks or as one trick of increased difficulty, at the criteria of the judges.
Tricks repeated more than 3 times during the freestyle or regeneration tricks repeated more than 5 consecutive times, will receive lower scoring.
Tricks performed after the extra initial spin from the throw is gone, may receive extra difficulty points.

Drops on the floor will incur in a 3-point deduction of the raw score of the round, equivalent to a negative 3-point trick. If the player places the top spinning on the floor on purpose, there is no deduction.

Each judge will add the best 2 scores among the 3 rounds for each player, discarding the worst score.
The score of each judge will be normalized among the players so their highest scoring player will have 100 points. The final scores will be calculated by averaging the normalized scores of the different judges. These scores will determine the European Spintop Champion, as well as second and third place, as recognized by the International Top Spinners Association (ITSA).


1- Jakub
2 - Jan
3 - Daniel

Here are the routines:


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