2020 World Spintop Online Contest

As the contest in Budapest was canceled this year due to the pandemic, ITSA has decided to organize an online world contest. The titles will be official world titles certified by ITSA.
There will be two championship divisions: Open Freestyle and Traditional Top Freestyle, plus a Sport Ladder. Anybody in the world can participate at no cost. Players will submit videos and the freestyles will be judged by the competitors themselves.

Registration Deadline: October 11th, 2020
Submission Deadline: October 25th, 2020
Award Ceremony: October 31st, 2020

More info: https://spintops.org/world-contest/


Videos are up! All the links are here:

Many of the traditional players entered open division also, if so, thier video is only linked in the Traditional Division. Otherwise, players with no links did not upload a video.


The top 10 for Open and Traditional were selected yesterday:

The finalist will judge each other to determine the final ranking. Results should be available October 31.


I missed this whole thing. Lots of good stuff to watch now!