PRIZES for spintops at EYYC17 !!!

ITSA will be providing prizes for the spintop freestyles at EYYC17.
Each of the first 5 freestyles will get a brand new S8 top, either a Giulia or a STB2.5 top.

If there are only 5 freestyles (the minimum required for a contest) everybody will get one. Hopefully, there will be more players, but still the chances of getting one are very good.

Thanks a lot to Strummol8 for giving us these at or below cost.

Wish I could go!


  1. Daniel Konecny (Czech Rep)
  2. Jan Kloubec (Czech Rep)
  3. Jakub Konecny (Czech Rep)
  4. Attila Olah (Hungary)
  5. Tomas Veznik (Czech Rep)
  6. Christophe Mermilliod (France)

The 3-throw rules were here: (note that Worlds will still have 3-minute freestyles)

And here are the videos:

1st throw

2nd throw

3rd throw