Top throwers, where are you?

It seems nobody throws tops anymore since the Kendama takeover. Where is everyone?

Oh, we are here, waiting for something incredible… like John Wolfe throwing tops!
I’m a huge fan, I was a judge at Indy last year when you had your epic comeback 4A freestyle. Also impressed how yoy entered so many divisions.

So, how shall we inspire you to become a world class top spinner, Mr. Wolfe?

Having a top contest near PA. :smiley:
Thank you for the compliment! I’m glad some people noticed me. I’m just waiting for tops to get popular again with the forum members here. This place is like a desert! :wink:

Ehh, I’m persevering. More people would be nice but it’s not gonna stop me from doing it.

Same, I just want more companies to make tops. I think me and you are enough for young top throwers. XD

I’m hiding until I can get drum beat down.

I have tried I have one I just can’t get the throw down.

Throw is the hardest part of learning it. It just takes practice.

Post a video of your throw and I guarantee we can help. Unless you are unteachable like Blake Freeman.

we all have our own El Guapo. I actually have two or three.

I’m still trying to be a top thrower. It’s hard!!

I just started.

Well . . . :wink:

This year at worlds in Orlando we will have some extraordinary freestyles from the US (Tyler Young), Mexico and Colombia. Look forward to watching the videos if you cannot come.

Spintops will get popular in the US eventually . . . just be patient and be prepared :wink:

You’re planning something, aren’t you…

ha! Trompo players now are all around the world, and every day its number increases a lot!

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I spin tops

Oh man, I just got a new STB 2.0 and I’m on that new-toy-high that makes me learn like crazy. I’m back in the game yo.

I do! :slight_smile:

Those STBs are ridiculously awesome. Nice score, Pat!

Yeah, I’m really really liking it so far. I’ve just been getting the feel for it with the bearing, and will probably make it a fixed tip when I go back home for the weekend.