Let's welcome spin tops!!!!


Wow, I was not expecting spin tops to drop here yet, but…
Lets Welcome Spin Tops To YYE!!!

(sorry about the vid)

I will have to get into this now…

what are your opinions?

(laxdude99) #2

I’m really excited for spin tops and spin top buttons


I think i can talk for all the Itopspin forum, saying that we are all happy to see how the spintop community is growing.

And we will be proud to help beginers in ther quest to be a good spin top player :smiley:


i’m glad spin tops are getting some attention! i have very little experience with them, but i learned to throw at Worlds this year, and i had a blast. a good friend of mine is active in the top community and he introduced me to a lot of great guys also involved. i can honestly say they’re some of the nicest people i’ve ever met, and it’s a very tight knit, welcoming group. it was awesome meeting and watching some of the best top throwers in the world. some of the stuff i saw was just amazing! everyone was also so generous with letting you use their tops. i was too nervous to try a few of the crazy rare expensive ones though. anyway, Welcome Spin Tops!


Ive been meaning to goof around with spin tops. I dont think I will get one of the spintastics ones though. I like the bearing kings more.

Oh, Page, have you seen Santos play spin top? He isn’t too bad!


Actually I was able to see him a few months ago… he is good, I kinda want to learn


Yays, I will get one in the next week or two. Definitely just a Spintatastics, not a YYF. :slight_smile:


I’ll be getting one soon.
Hmmm… should I buy YYF? lol


If you woulda asked for a bearing trompo, I woulda added it to the order :confused:


if u re a collector? Ya 100% sure…

If u re a beginner… i think no :smiley:


This is awesome, to see spintops expanding :slight_smile:
Thanks for the Welcome, looking forward to meeting some more spintop players