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Welcome to the New YoYoExpert Spin Top Forum Discussion.

If you thought people were amazed with your yo-yo tricks then wait until you throw a spin top into the air and catch it spinning in your waiting hand! The average person has no idea just what you can pull of with the new technology in spin tops and even just placing a spin top in their hand spinning is incredibly captivating!

High quality Spin Tops are now available here: http://SpinTopExpert.com

We have plans for our own YoYoExpert Spin Top Tutorial videos in the near future but for now here are some excellent resources:

Feel free to add information or other good resources here.

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Sounds great.

I’ve been wanting to try a new skill toy lately.

This sound great. :slight_smile: I’ll try and see if I can pick a spin top up in the next week or two.

This is so awesome and i hope yye makes a lot of tuts

Welcome to this new section, i am impatient to see André performing spin tops and doing thos tuts :smiley:

there so EXPINCIVE

YYF ones? yes and they re really bad to begin… Yoyu can go for a spintastic or a duncan cheap and good to start, and then go buy something more expansive.

I lol’d so hard when I saw the spin-top buttons.


I jumped for joy. I want some.

it’s just like yoyoing. there are some amazing inexpensive tops out there, and they’re definitely the best to start with. once you get better and find a preference, you can start looking into the higher end stuff. i learned to throw on inexpensive spintastics and duncan tops, and they’re great. but, some of the higher end tops are pretty cool, once you get better at throwing. also, don’t be afraid to get a fixed tip top to start out. you can learn a lot with them, and there are certain tricks you can only do with a fixed tip.

YA i agree, but to learn how to balance a top, i think bearing is better, yoou have more time to balance it in yout hand… it’s just an advise make what you want about it :wink:

Beginners should grab one of each, fixed and bearing :slight_smile:
Getting one that can convert is cool, but who has time for that?

Are spin top buttons like counter weights for spin tops

Ps I know what else they can be used used for

Heavy buttons drive me nuts. The weight pulls the string through your fingers, and suddenly you have extra string and a button to deal with, in addition to an unruly top. I’m sure there are weighted button tricks out there waiting to be discovered (a few do exist), but for the moment the heaviest button I will play with is one that comes with a Duncan rip cord or bearing king, but only while playing bearing. During fixed tip regenerations the string is whipping around quite a bit and a stay-put button is what I want. I make my own out of coffee / ice cream bucket lids - I use a 1" craft punch and a leather hole punch for the hole for the string.

Where are the spintop tutorials

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I got excited about spintops recently and bought more than I should have. For others’ reference, here’s a picture of them to compare sizes. From left to right, the spintops and their weights are
Spintastics Sidewinder 1.45oz (41g)
Yoyofactory Short Circuit 1.85oz (53g) with bearing
Yoyofactory Electrick 2.1oz (59g)
Trompos Space Saturno Xtreme Roller 1.7oz (48g)
Trompos Cometa Jumbo Cobra 1.85oz (53g)
Spintastics Trompo Grande Bearing 2.6oz (73g)
Spintastics Trompo Grande Fixed 2.4oz (68g)