What spin top would you recommend for a complete beginner?

I think a lot of people are asking this question right now, so I will help them find answers with this thread! I am looking to start some spin topping, but I obviously need a spin top. What should I get? I know absolutely nothing about spin tops, so need one that is good for learning. Thanks for an suggestions in advance!

Of what we currently have in stock we would recommend the Trompo Bearing top:


It is a little bit larger and while it may be a little difficult to hold at first its size does help by giving it more mass and therefore momentum when learning to throw and catch, etc.  It is definitely a good choice to start on.

If you just want to learn the basic throw and catch and you are not quite worried about string tricks yet then either the Trompo Grande or Gladiator are decent for the very basic throw, scoop, and ‘boomerang’.


for beginer, a,ny Spintasticks (exept metals one) or duncan… i got a preference for the Spintasticks, smaller and more easy to balance… But trompo Bearing is fine too…

Thank you very much. I am going to have to get one of those next time I happen to be ordering something.