Beginning spin top


I’m trying to learn spin top and I don’t know any thing. So can you tell me the basics and websites to learn?


Im not really a pro a tops but i heard the Stromoll8 Sofia was a great starter

just kidding i heard the bearing king would get you started pretty well


Give this a read, it should help with many of your initial questions.  Please post any specific questions you may have.  Glad you’re spinning tops, hope you stick with it.,25361.0.html


Did you read my other posts?

I’ve got a Bearing King. I also have a Sophia. I’m working up to that! The Sophia is NOT a good starter, although it should be able to take a beating.


I bought the Duncan top is it a good starter?
An I couldn’t find good videos where can I find.
I hope it’s like YYE for the tops:)


Which top? The Ripcord or the Bearing King? The Bearing King is better because it can be set up fixed or bearing tip. Either is a fantastic starter. I have 2 Bearing Kings. One is set up for fixed, the other for bearing tip. I also plan to get a Spintastics Trombo soon, something in the $20-40 range. I also have a Sophia, but that’s too expensive for me to throw with my pathetic skills at the spin top.

Videos: They exist. Start at Spintastics. There’s just not as much resources online for spin tops.


Good advice.

Just FYI the Rip Cord will accept a bearing king tip.  The Rip Cord and the Bearing King are the exact same mold, just different tip assemblies.

Here is an instructional video… there are a few bits of incorrect advice here, but at the time it is all Steve and I knew.


I bought a Duncan imperial


Neff, I’ve watched that video 5 times and still can’t keep the thing in my hand even after you taped it and gave me a new string. One thing I do know though, you need to get that hair back.


Did I balance that one too? If it spins rough it can be a real bear to keep in your hand. Otherwise, try to simplify it. Wait for the tip to be pointing the same way as your thumb (the top is leaning the opposite way of you thumb) and move your hand in the direction of your thumb. I really, really, really need to do a video explaining this…


I may just suck at it. I think Adam has gotten it to land in his hand a few times before he got his BK. We are having a beer and throw session tomorrow after work I’ll have him try.

EDIT: I just remembers you said it spun pretty well and didn’t need sticky tack.


I still need to get me a bearing top. I just found an old wood one the other day and have been having a blast with it. It’s a fixed tip hardwood top. It is strange however with how I wind them. I tend to just start winding at the tip tightly and work my way up. Also since I don’t have real string for it, I’ve been using an uncut yoyo string, and have gotten some pretty good spins.

I don’t know any tricks yet and am still working for consistency and getting a nice, strong throw…as well as being able to land it right in front of me instead of clear across the room.

What I’m currently spinning:

I’ve been eyeballing either the Bearing Kings though I’m a bit worried about those plastic tips, or taking it up a bit and trying out a Spintastics Blizzard and maybe throw in a Trompo Grande so I have 2 sizes to goof around with.


I can’t date it, but it looks to me like one of the typical battle tops that were around in the 1950’s and 60’s. You can find them in antique stores sometimes. It’s cool you found a way to spin it with a yo-yo string. There is no wrong way to spin a top I suppose, just common and uncommon ways. You might be able to find some better string at a hardware store, also I twist my own string so pm me if you are interested.

The plastic tip on the BK can break if it hits hard on it’s side, but since it is a bearing tip it does not need to stay sharp. At the moment I do not know where to get replacement tips though, so… there’s that.


I actually twist my own string, may try some of my Kevlar thread for that fixed tip, may spin longer when I scoop it up on the string.

I’m really close to getting my top(s) ordered!


My guess (and I am a collector) is that the top 1930’s or earlier.


What are not-so expensive tops u can recommend?


Duncan Bearing King is what I would generally recommend. It comes as a fixed bearing, but you can remove that top and replacing it with the included bearing tip. I have found the bearings could use a good cleaning, giving you a lot more spin time.

These retail for around $12-14, making them an ideal starter top. It is what I recommend.

After that, you tend to move to the Spintastics Trompos, which I haven’t gotten yet. The steel tips are better than the Duncan plastic tips and start at around $20 and can go up to $40 depending on the exact model. For starting out, I wouldn’t go more than that.

The next step would be Strummol8, which is actually coming out with some mind-blowing moderately priced spin tips, although the Sophia and Guilia are considered to be the best. I have a Sophia but I haven’t even thrown it yet.