I want a spin top, what is my best choice?

I was looking at a Bearing tip, around 10-15 long spin.

I see the Duncan Bearing King, is that a good choice? Any others?

Its what I use and learned on. They are fine, but you need to tape the top on or they crack.
spintastic makes some good ones as well.
I would just choose one or the other and learn with those.
Good luck bud.


Most of the inexpensive tops are okay, all of them can have issues with quality control.
They are kind of like yo-yos though, in that they do have a different feel between the different models and
brands. I like the Duncan tops for the money because I find them comfortable to throw and fun to modify, but
you will need to test drive the different ones to see which works best for you.
It’s a little harder to get started with tops if you don’t have other players around to help you with some of the
common issues people have trying to learn the basics. Check out the begginer’s videos that Yophosis posted, get a top, and start bouncing it off the floor. You may go through a few before you get the hang of it, but they sure are cheaper than most of the yo-yos these days.

These guys gave good advice. Spintastics’ Trompo Bearing or Duncan’s Bearing King are decent for getting started. If you get one and have any problems, hop on this board and let us know what’s going on.

I have collected a bunch of “getting started” information here:


Thanks guys! My dad used to do spin tips back I the days and he will teach me the throw and I will learn tricks.

I’m advanced with the sideways throw in 4a, and the Spin top throw looks similar.