What is the best beginning spin top??

So I am getting pretty good at yoyoing so I wanted to get into spin tops. What is the best beginning spin top that is not expensive ($15) and below.

I started with a Bearing King and that thing is rocksolid.

Thx I’ll see if I can get that one.

I’m just going to get a Duncan imperial just because it’s cheap and I’m not sure if I want to get into it that much

That will work. It also depends if you want to do fixed tip or bearing tips tricks. I don’t do much fixed tip myself. You can learn the throw with either one.

Is a imperial fixed tip?? Is a bearing better?

I assume the imperial is a fixed tip top but I’m not sure. Bearing tip is better or easier for many tricks, but there are some kinds of tricks you can’t do with a bearing tip top.

For fixed-tip, the Short Circuit has been really impressing me for it’s performance-to-price ratio.

Stay away from the Imperial. It’s just too light to do much.

The Bearing King is a great starter. It has the advantage of coming with an exta fixed tip, so you can try both styles. The YYF Electrik is great, and I’m sure the Short Circuit is nice as mentioned.

My “tip” is to put a wrap of electrical tape around the seam between the cap and base if you get the Bearing King. It will take a beating much better if you do. :wink:

Okay thx for the tips