What is the difference in size between the Bearing King and the Imperial?


I picked up a Duncan Imperial a couple days ago and I’ve been using it to learn how to throw, but I already feel like I want to move to something with more weight and maybe a bearing tip. I’ve been looking at the Bearing King, but I’m curious about what the size difference is between the two. Also I’m interested in any suggestions on a good top for a beginner other than the Bearing King.



The BK is substantially bigger and more solid feeling than the imperial.
I really like the BK’s, but they need to be modified some to be playable.
Hard for me to say, as a big Duncan fanboy, but I would suggest you go to the YYF section here and get an elec-trick, they are great tops for the money and ready to rock right out of the box.


Thank you for the reply! That’s good to know about the BK as the light weight of the Imperial has definitely been the source of a lot of frustration for me. I was eyeing those YYF tops and will take your suggestion as I looked into some of the modifications you’re talking about and I think that would probably be a better starter for me.

EDIT: I’ve gotten to the point of being able to throw into a target and sky rocket onto my palm. Still working on the scoop and the boomerang but I get the feeling I’ll have a better go at those with a bit of a bigger and heavier top. I think I like tops more than yoyos.


As said, bearing king is bigger and heavier, and plays a ton better than the imperial, but I think the yoyofactory tops are better overall. If you really want a good big top look into the spintastics trompo grande bearing. Very big top and super fun. It’s only like 5 more bucks than the bearing king.


Thanks for that spintastics recommendation. I wasn’t even looking closely at those and didn’t realize the Grande was so much bigger. I will definitely be picking that up at some point.

Daggum spin tops own.


Yep, I usually forget how big it is until I go back to the bearing king or the ripcord. I also love the short circuit (small and easy to carry).


I’m currently just waiting until I’ve got some extra money so I can pick up the Elec-Trick and start learning bearing tricks. I’ve shattered one Imperial and the other one’s tip is nearly flat from playing on concrete so probably should buy a new top sooner than later, lol.


If you do decide to get the bearing king make sure to tape it.


Decided to go ahead and treat myself since my birthday is coming up and bought both the yyf tops. I have been digging fixed tip even with the imperial so now I will have two different size tops that can do both.