What top should I start with?

The bearing Jupiter really caught my eye. How does it compare to Spintastics? Should I get something else?

After cleaning and lightly lubing the bearings in my Duncan Bearing King, I find it’s more than sufficient for the job of LEARNING. I also have another Bearing King that I keep as a fixed tip. Again, learning, try to be a big cheap as these things get beat worse than yoyos.

I may upgrade to a $20 or so Spintastics model, then maybe a $40 or so Spintastics aluminum. I do have a Strummol8 Sophia in my possession that I’m trying to get sufficient skills to merit throwing that top.

Those are my experiences.

The bearing Jupiter is a great looking top with some very unique and advanced design features. The bearing tip spins ok but not great, it is better as a fixed tip top.

I agree the bearing king is a good starter as long as you tape it and make sure both bearings are seated and spinning correctly. Drill a 1" hole in the crown and it is even better. Spintastics makes great fixed tip tops, the bearing Grande spins pretty good, the blizzard needs some improvement, I haven’t bought one recently but I hear they have made some improvements.

Nothing spins like a Strommol8 tho :slight_smile:
and they are incredibly durable…
and balanced…
no tape needed…
can easily change from fixed to bearing…


I won’t argue that. I jumped in big and got a Sophia(the last black one from YYE!). I’m not worthy of throwing that yet. I’d rather beat up a Bearing King and get better with that before I move up to something better. It also gives me a motivation to keep at it.