Fixed tip or Bearing tip for my first top

I have heard people say that for your first top it would be wise to get one of each, i only have the option of one and wanted to try spin tops.

What kind would you recommend and what top also, id prefer the top to be sold on YYE because i have to get some lube and thought id get a top while im at it

Bearing tops are a little easier for beginners. Since the Trompo Grande is sold out at the moment, that leaves the Bearing King… unless of course you want to buy a S8 and not worry about balancing, breaking, taping, or cussing at your top… sorry for the shameless S8 plug ;D

Depending on your budget…
If you can…The S8 is a FANTASTIC top! Total versatility Fixed/Bearing, One Way Bearing capable (with additional replacement tip), Durable, Impeccable quality, Light-years beyond anything out there today.

The Bearing King is no slouch, it is a good top at a modest price.

Chris, it is not shameless S8 plug - it is a fact. :slight_smile: