Would the Trompo Bearing be a good starter top?


Would the Trompo Bearing be a good starter top?


For me i think it’s a bit big for begining, but that’s a very good top for beginer it’s ok, if you wanna start top spinning, just buy this one it ll be fine.

(yo-bear(one and the same)) #3

yes,the trompo would be fine.i just wish that they sold the yoyojams tops still.those were amazing.the stromol 8 top iz amazing too.you should look into that.but even at the level that im at, dont feel like spending 100 dollars on a top.


Yes. A gladiator is a good beginner fixed tip top.


Yes, It is recommended for begginers to get both a fixed tip and bearing tip spintop
It really helps with progression and they both have a different way of play
spintastics are great spintops and you can also check out
Is in spanish but you can change it to english by clicking the flag on the top right corner
good luck and have fun