What should I get?

I’m thinking about starting spin topping again. I already know a few tricks like boomerang and stuff. I’m looking for a top that is under $20 and would prefer a fixed axle. What are your suggestions and why?

I don’t know a whole lot on spin tops, I only have a rather old wooden one and a Spintastics Blizzard (which has a metal tip and a bearing). Need to get a new string for it though, got a bit thrashed by the cat.

Thanks for replying but you didn’t answer the question.

Just off of a guess here, maybe go with the Spintastics Gladiator. I personally haven’t used it but I’m pretty sure it’s a fixed axle, same construction as the Blizzard and has a metal point on it. As I have a Blizzard, the construction of it feels pretty solid, has a metal weight ring inside of it for added stability. There’s also a larger-sized top, the Trompo Grande which also has a fixed tip.

Hope this helps, and wished there was more activity in the world of top spinning.

Thanks I was thinking about getting a trompo grande.

Most tops in the $20 or below price range have significant drawbacks, so it is hard to reccomend one over the other. Trompo Bearing or Bearing King, post if you have problems.
Also read this: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,25361.0.html

Fixed tip tops are fun too, but most yoyo folks take to the bearing tops a little more quickly.

I learned to spin top before I learned to yoyo. but it’s been along time and I’m not in mexico where a corner store would sell cheap plastic spin tops and stuff so i have to buy online.

I actually decided to order the Trompo Grande, will now give me both a bearing and a fixed tip to work with. Sure, yesterday wasn’t “National Spin Top Day” but figured may as well add it to my order.

Now can’t wait to spin it, though I’ll need some practice!