First top


I’m looking to buy my first top suggestions


Bearing King or Trompo Grande. Gladiator if fixed tip is more appealing to you.

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Many yoyoers believe playing responsive, when learning, helps develop more refined skills that lead to higher levels of succes later on.

Is there a similar view in skill development regarding fixed tips?



Not really, because the mechanics of throwing them are exactly the same. There are some tricks that can only be done with a fixed tip, and some that can only be pulled off with a bearing. Most of us do favor one or the other, but everyone I know does own and play both kinds.

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So it sounds like it would be best to purchase two tops, a fixed and a bearing tip, or a top that has both a fixed and a bearing tip. I’m considering both the bearing king and the trompo, the problem is I can already tell that like yoyoing, it’s inexpensive to start and then I’m going to want those 100 dollar plus tops lol.

Thanks for the info.


Yeah, the good news, (bad news?) is that there aren’t many high dollar tops out there. The delrin Strummol8s (sold here) are about the only ones right now. YYF made some a couple of years ago. YYJ made some legendary plastic ones that sell really high because they are hard to find. Crucial has talked about tops lately, but nothing yet. There are a couple of wood turners out there that can make you one in any size you want. A top as big as your head can cost some real money. ;D Check out (not a YYE competitor, just a top forum!)


Good advice Java. Definitely worth trying both bearing and fixed.


A ripcord that was my first and im doing vary good with it evan though i am a begginer.

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is it better to have a fixed tip or bearing tip top if you are a noob?


i just learned how tho balence it and learned marry-go-round


Great Dojo-yoyo7! With those two tricks plus boomerang you are a bona fide top expert for anybody who is not a spintop player.

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I would get one of each. I found that when i was learning boomerang it was easier to catch with a bearing tip. I had a problem with the fix tip landing in my hand and spinning out before i could get it adjusted.


In my humble opinion, if you just want to throw a top on the floor and watch it spin, a fixed tip is better because it will “self correct” - it will walk around the floor until it stabilizes with it’s axis straight up and down. Bearing tips won’t do that. They will stand still and rotate like a gyroscope.

The basis of most tricks is the boomerang. Fixed and bearing tips Boomerang just the same. BUT once you’ve Boomeranged or Skyrocketed the top into your hand, you have to learn to stabilize it. Becasue the bearing tip spins longer in your hand, it’s easier to learn to stabilize than the fixed tip - it just gives you more time to learn. Once you’ve learned to stabilize it, you can do either kind, because they both stabilize the same way in your hand. From there it just becomes a matter of which tricks you want to learn to do, “fixed tip” tricks or “bearing tip” tricks.

Again, this is just my opinion…