Trick List- Fixed vs Bearing Tip


I am new to the forum and first want to say thanks to all who help and share their knowledge so that we can learn.
About a month ago I bought a trompo space saturn roller for my 9 year old son and about two days later I was the one hooked.
I’ve since bought a Bk and a blizzard, plus have a Gulia on the way!
I already mastered a couple of tricks including boomerang.
Since I dont know anybody that plays with spin tops, I have to rely on videos and forums like this, but from the videos I usually can’t tell if the tricks are being done with bearing or fixed tips.
I have already figured out that many tricks can be done with both, but work better with certain type of tip or string management is different dependimg on tip.

Is there a list out there that can direct me to what is the best order or progression for a beginner to learn tricks, that also informs what type of tip should be used to perform it?



You are hooked now! You have a good top and more good stuff on the way.
There are a bit more adjustments needed for spin tops than yo-yos, to get them to do what you want. Check out the post at the top of the page, Getting Started with Spin tops, some of your questions are answered there. In general, your regenerating type tricks, and tricks that ‘walk’ the top, require the friction you get with the fixed tip. The more static tricks, or tricks where you are just using the weight of the top to move it on the string, like corkscrew, are more easily done with a bearing tip.
Be sure to check out the top forum, .
Get up with Mr. Neff about some strings, they make a world of difference on any of the tops you will have.
Have fun!


I love this question and have some ideas but I have to go to work now, I’ll come back later


This is not the answer but have a look at this list:


Thank you kevinm and Neff for your replies, much appreciated. I will research the links provided and look forward to any other info that is posted.
Neff- how can I contact you for some strings as suggested by kevinm? I could’nt find contact info on the Yophosis site.


If I had some more time I would list all of the standard tricks and comment whether fixed or bearing is easier, which is required for a typical contest, other pointers, etc. I think I can put this in a nutshell though: Almost all tricks are easier with a bearing tip for beginners, except of corse the tricks you cannot do with a bearing top, like wirewalker. Technically you can not perform regeneration tricks like rollercoaster with a bearing tip, but it may be easier for beginners to learn the form on a bearing tip, because there is more time to let the top precess and wait for the right angle to tug the string. Tricks like crazy 8 and corkscrew are easier because of this extra time, because spin is not lost as quickly when the top is in hand or on string.

If you are a fundamentalist though, learn everything you can on a fixed tip. Probably not corkscrew and mach 5 and gyro flop though. Definately armwalker. Some people think armwalker is easier with a bearing tip, but it looks more like armjerker to me. Just make sure it is a smooth spinning fixed tip though or your arm might start to look weird.


Neff: Thanks again for your comments.
I will follow more or less the ladder trick list from the link that you sent.
At heart I usually lean towards being a fundemantalist as you say, but this is some hard stuff, so I will try to use a fixed tip, but will not hesitate to switch to bearing tip if I get stuck.
From the list you sent I have numbers 1-6, 8 and 11 mostly dominated. Merry go round, crazy eights and corkscrew I can do okay (with bearing tip) but I’m having problems with the release to my hand at the end.
I’ll keep a it, only been 4 weeks since I first played with a spin top, so I feel I’m doing okay.
Sometimes the hard part is sticking with one trick until you nail it and not jump from trick to trick when frustrated.
Should be getting my Gulia today, so i’m excited!


Just got my Giulia, WOW!!!
Not only is it smooth and balanced, but now I understand what all the fuzz on tip design is all about!
Game changer.


It really is an amazing top,probably my favorite to learn with. You can play it fixed or bearing too, so it really does do it all.
BTW, most people dull the tip just a tiny bit, it will put a hole in your hand if you are not careful.