fixed tip and bearing


does the sidewinder and gladiator have a bearing or r they fixed tips and wht is the diff in wht they can do and how they work? im new to spintops havnt gotten one yet and i was wondering which to get


Sidewinder has plastic fixed tip
Gladiator has metal fixed tip
Blizzard has bearing tip (not good)
All are the exact same mold, and the tips are interchangeable, except there are some problems with the bearing tip.


so fixed and bearing play the same


I’m kind of lost on this question too. I’ve been wanting to pick up a top to try out but I’m real lost when it comes down to it.


No they don’t allowed the same tricks… in the hand, a bearing tip will spin longer than the fixed tip (contact, strenght of frictions) but with the fix tip u will be allowed to do regeneration, meaning: u can with the string make the top spin forever…

To begin, a gladiator or side winder, and a trompo bearing ll be fine.

For the blizzar, you have to wait that Spintastic fix the bearing problem, they are working on it atm.


Not at all. It is hard to briefly summarize how fixed and bearing are different, but basically different tricks can be easy or really difficult depending on what tip you are using. For instance: Corkscrew is a very popular trick, and it is much easier to do with a bearing tip than with a fixed tip, because a fixed tip gains speed as it goes down, and the top likes to come off the string and hit your face. Wire walker is a trick where the top rides the string from one hand to the other under its own power - that has to be done with a fixed tip, but you could sort of shove it across with a bearing tip. The list goes on and on. Both bearing and fixed tips are good for both beginner and advanced. It’s weird like that.


Perfectly and succint explication …

Again +100 for Neff :smiley:


Spin tops hurt my head right now :smiley:


lol but didn’t yoyos do the same in the very beginning its how it goes it hurts your head then you get awesome and confuse others


Similar to yo-yos, there are a lot of secrets that must be unlocked to get to the next level. Unfortunately, they do not share any secrets, almost everything is counter-intuitive (the opposite of what you think) with spin tops, yo-yo player or not.

Tomy ;D thanks, I’ve had a lot of practice over on Please correct me and add your own spin on things so I don’t get a big head :slight_smile: Same with you, Larry.


The difficulty in beginning is our natural anxiousness to “do it all” instantly.

Try to slow yourself down…stop the head from hurting.
Pick one thing at a time to achieve, focus on that trick or skill and when you are relaxed in doing it, and confident in achieving it , move on to the next.

Every throw, whether good or bad, teaches you something.