Advanced Spin Top?

(Chase Baxter) #1

Alright, so I really want a YoYoFactory Acrobat but I don’t have the money yet and it will be awhile but they will be sold out by then. I’m not sure what to get as an advanced spin top then. I’m still a beginner and I can sometimes do boomerang but I don’t want to get another Spin top, I just want to stay with one. I have had a SideWinder but it broke and I have a Trompo Grande and Trompo bearing top. I liked my SideWinder the most but I could go for a tiny bit bigger or not bigger at all. It would be nicer to if I could find one with a bearing. If you have any suggestions how I can get a Acrobat or something like a SideWinder please tell me, and I don’t mean like another store, I mean like off here or if you think they will be on B/S/T…but only problem is I’m not a fan of the B/S/T


Hum just wait a bit maybe André ll add some side winder to his store but i m not sure… but if u liked the side winder, u can go for a gladiator, quite the same disposition, but it’s a steel tip… not a plastik one… they re my best from Spintastics…

And for me, if you are a beginer, and buy a acrobat, u ll only have trouble with it… Trouble for laucingg, trouble because you ll drop it everytime on the floor etc…

For you i think a gladiator is a perfect choice.


I bet you can just fix your sidewinder. What broke?

If the cap won’t stay on you can use electrical tape to hold it together (which you should do for any two-peice top as soon as you get it). Just throw away that o-ring and tape the seam.

If the tip broke you can order a new one (get steel). Do not waste time with a bearing tip on a Sidewinder (“Blizzard”) until Spintastics improves the assembly.

Playing with only one top sounds strange to me, but more power to ya! This is going to sound like an advertisement, but if I only had one top to play with it would be an S8. Forget how it plays (amazing), the maintenance and durability is what is important: It is convertible from bearing to fixed and the tip shape is designed to function for both. The tip is hardened steel and will out-last any plastic tip, delrin or otherwise. The tip assembly is bolted in, will never pop out, and is accessible through the hole in the top if you need to work on it. The body is one piece and perfectly balanced, and it is made of Delrin which his very durable and looks great even scratched up.

The Trompo Grande and Trompo Bearing are good tops - curious why you don’t play with them - is something not working?

(Chase Baxter) #4

My SideWinder where the oring was, a piece broke off so it’s not just straight anymore so it won’t go back on, and I don’t play with the Trompo Bearing and Trompe Grande because the Bearing one doesn’t really spin at all and I believe it’s the Trompo Grande but that one my friend just has so I’m not really sure if I like it or not, but I’m thinking about getting a Gladiator and the Steel tip SideWinder. Is there a difference between the two? And I’m not sure where to get a S8 and is that Strummol8?


Hopefully you can get an S8 from YYE soon, they will be around $75.

The Sidewinder, Gladiator, and Blizzard are all the same mold with different tips, and the Gladiator comes with an internal weight ring. The weight ring helps a little, but not much.

Sounds like that Trompo Bearing just needs to be cleaned, and even if there is a chunk of plastic missing, that sidewinder is fixable. Send 'em to me with a few bucks inside for return shipping and I’ll fix it for you. PM me if you are interested.

If not I can explain how, it’s just going to take a while to type it all out…


they re really perfect… a bit expansiv for beginers but that’s perfect.

Fals, Gladiators / Side Winder and Blizzar aren’t the same mold… they re all different, for example, the gladiator has a taller crown than the gladiator and the blissar body is smaller than the gladiator one…

But at the end they re both at teh same high.



Dale isn’t making the dome cap anymore, they are currently the same mold.


Roger that!