Trying to get started in tops! Some Advice?

So, yesterday I kept watching Tao at our juggling/skill toys meet, And I kept feeling mesmerized as I am when I watch Bryan Figueroa in 4A. Tao is darn good, and living in the same town makes me feel like I should try getting started with a fixed tip, since I’m low on cash at the moment. I want to eventually learn on a Bearing tip, so I may buy a Strummol8 when I get good enough. Probably need some advice though. Tao said Spintastics fixed tips are awesome, so I’m going to buy the Gladiator sometime soon. Any advice on other possible fixed tips? I know I saw a basic Saturn throwing top, but any advice would be awesome. I just need something around 10 dollars or a little less. Any help would be awesome! Thanks guys, and thanks to Tao for inspiring me!

If you are going to learn from him, get the equipment he likes. Branch out from there. I use duncan tops both fixed and bearing tip.
I have used a lot of other tops, and they all bring something to the table, you may want to stay away from the super cheap duncan tops like the imperial, but then again you may like it. Its hard telling since you haven’t started yet, and I don’t know you.

Yeah, Tao highly recommended the Spintastics Fixed tipped tops, and for bearing tips, he prefers Strummol8. Thanks, though…this does help, in a weird way. I am glad Tao lives in my town, he’s really awesome.

tops are much like yo-yos, there are different ones, and they all have pros and cons.
it really doesn’t matter much what you start with to learn the basics, if you see yourself liking one style of play or another, you can move up then. i really like the size and weight of the duncan ripcord, and you can always change it up to a bearing model (when duncan has the parts in stock…) also it’s fun to mod.
you may need to find a longer string right away, but Tao can help you with that.
tops are a lot of fun and offer a different kind of challenge than yo-yos. i hope you get one soon, you have one of the best top spinners in the world to get you on the fast track!

I know, I love how Spin tops incorporate 4A yo-ing into them a bit. Tao is an awesome, AWESOME guy. He can definitely help me when he has some time at our meets. I think I’m in luck, too…I often forget how good Tao really is, until I look him up.

The Gladiator is a good top to start with. Keep in mind the metal tip will put some nice holes in hardwood or linoleum floors.

Ta0 is great!

yeah, Ta0 is my favorite to watch for local guys. He’s really nice, too. I knew about the metal tips, I read you’re intro on tops and stuff, really helpful for me. Thanks!

Hey Ian! It was great (and a big surprise) to see you at the juggling meet. It is fantastic that you want to expand into tops.

For an inexpensive top to start, the gladiator is a very good choice. The Ripcord with the right length of string (not the one that comes with it, which is too short) is also good, just perhaps a little harder to throw at the very beginning.

It seems the next San Antonio yo-yo meet is January 5th. I’ll try to make it and I can get you going, for sure. Actually, Tyler and his younger brother already know several tricks that they could teach you. And when you get good, Justin (SirBoot32) is also in town for some hard core top throwing.

Awesome! I cant wait!

Well, I just got my first ‘trick’ spintop. I originally messed around with an old antique wood one. I was greeted to a Spintastics Blizzard this morning in which I’m really liking so far! I’ve always heard good about Spintastics and originally I was going to go with the Duncan BK but the plastic tips kind of shined me away.

While I do know how to throw one (or getting better anyway) I decided getting one with the ‘cheater ripcord’ was a nice alternative where I may want to play with it but space is limited or if I want to let someone try it out without risking a top flying across the room.

An update, been playing with this for quite a bit now…so far it feels like it’s a very solid top! It’s been thrown across the room, flying off my hands, into the walls…and it’s holding up. I’ve also gotten better at my throws over the past few hours now that I’m winding it properly. I’m currently working on the Boomerang trick, where I catch it on my hand after throwing. Yes, it’s a tad painful but I’ll get used to it!

Thanks for the input on the Spintastics. I see a fixed and bearing tip in my near future. Yeah, that plastic tip for the BK’s is kind of a turn-off, but I am throwing over carpet for now and I figure those are my starter tops. If I can get those down, then something better is in order, but not to the cost of the Sophia.

Angrygumball - did it come like that, without tape at the seam? Spintatsics are not as fragile at the seams but you should get some electrical tape and tape that up! Don’t pull real tight or it will stretch back over time.

Yea, it came like that. I plan on putting some tape on it just to keep it together because I can see it pop open on a hard enough impact. I initially thought that they came taped right off the bat but that’s ok.