What do I use?

What would be a good spintop for a beginner? and Where can I learn some things?

I know this still on the top of this sub-forum or whatever, but seriously, I need an answer.


I still can’t opetate my top very well, but when I asked the same question I was recommended the Duncan Bearing King. Seems to be a good place to start.

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Thank you

I know the last time this thread was active was a couple weeks ago but this should be in the spintop discussion and you would get more replies there.

It has been since April since I updated this thread, but could a mod move it to the Discussion thread. I am still maybe thinking about starting this. It looks cool and I may want to give it a go. What would be a good one to start out with and where can I learn?

Sorry, missed this thread before. A Duncan Bearing King or a Spintastics Sidewinder, either (or both) would be good for starters.

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Great learning tool:

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