spin tops

which spin top is best to start with? I’ve seen some people play with them at the yoyo club, and i dont know which ones they use or recommend. If you have a good amount of experience with spin tops, please post. Also if they are not on this site, please give me a link to where they can be found.


This would be where to post it at  :wink:

And right here is a good thread to check out for your answer  ;D

Good Luck and Have Fun!

i dont know any good spin tops, and i dont play with spin tops, but linking to other sites that sell merchandise is not allowed on the forum.

*im not going to use the report button because i dont want to give my email!

he linked to another part of yoyoexpert though, so it isnt another store selling yoyo merchandise or whatever.

he changed the links. when i was responding it had a yyn link

no he didnt

So… yoyoscout - is your question answered?

are you talking about me?

My advise, Neff ll corrrect me if i m wrong… 1 fix and one BEaring tip is needed…

Then Spintasticks… Everything in plasticks exept the blizzar atm, because they have a defects on the bearing conception.

Duncan… Rip/cord and BEaring king

Other mexican plasticks tops that are cool too

My advise, avoide to learn, hight price top, metals tops, delrin tops, when u start it’s rlly hard to learn how to throw on a metal or on a delrin top…

Hop ur question find an answer…

I agree, one of each is a good thing for beginners.

P.S. - Don’t worry about being “correct”, plenty of room for different opinions here. Always share your own ;D