My first contest :)

Well. In four months there will be a yoyo contest in Plymouth, Michigan. I am so exited because it is the closest one to me! Its the Mideast Regional YoYo Contest.

I believe its for the National YoYo Contest. Im so excited to meet amazing people, see amazing tricks upfront and watch the incredible freestyles that are to come! ;D :smiley: ;D :smiley:

As of right now, I am going to do the 1a sports ladder which is consisted of basic tricks everyone should know. But I have two dilemmas.

  1. Is the sports ladder a good choice to start with? Or should I work my butt off to feel comfortable enough to maybe (its an extreme maybe leaning towards a no) do a freestyle? I say sports ladder because it seems as if they do this in Plymouth every year. So this isn’t a once in a lifetime chance.

  2. What is to be expected from the contest? I already know there will be the freestyles to watch, but what happens between the camera shots? What do the people do when they mingle during the lunch break? Im assuming they show each other tricks and trade “secrets”.

Really this is to accomplish confidence in myself as this is my first contest and I am like…EXTREMELY excited but very nervous at the same time…

By the way, anyone else going? Id like to make a friend that is (somewhat) close by on the board. :slight_smile:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with starting with the trick ladder.

There is also nothing wrong starting with a 1a freestyle.

The trick ladder will give you a little confidence on stage.

As for what goes on during the contest. It’s mostly people practicing or just chatting with others. Total fun Bro!

Do whatever you’re most comfortable with. Nobody is going to call you out for what you decide to do.

And DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT. If you spend the whole contest worrying about your performance, you’re not going to have fun at the contest. Go out there and meet people, learn tricks, talk about your favorite players, trade yoyos, and then when its time to compete, go compete. Then, go back to your friends and keep chatting as if you just left to go to the bathroom.

Don’t make a big deal out of competing. Your own stage time is the most boring part of a contest for you.

I should be going and doing the same thing… hehe I can’t wait.

I live in michigan so i will be there!!!

this is my first contest and i think im gonna do the freestyle.

Thanks, nicely put!

Just remember this when on stage. CHILL. It’s so important.
Just stay totally relaxed and don’t worry about messing up nad never panic if you have to change yoyos.

Sports Ladder is okay because according to dryoyo: “It’s the division for people that are working up for the freestyle division.”

During the breaks, you can do a lot of things. Learn tricks, meet new friends, try out throws, get autographs, all of the above. Don’t worry about your freestyle and if you didn’t make it to the finals then don’t leave right away. There is still a lot of stuff you can do and being it a regional contest, there’s a lot of stuff like the Buddha King Contest or the FAST (if they have it there).

In my opinion, the most satisfying part of a contest is the crowd cheering during a freestyle for a trick you just did. It shows that after all the hard work you put into the trick people actually find it cool and these aren’t people who don’t throw, these guys are actually people that know the pros and their stuff. Have fun!

Don’t forget: there’s stuff at the contest you can’t find online :wink: Say Hi to Ben!

~Spin On!

this is also my first contest and my friends and we are both going to the plymouth mideast regionals. i am confused of what sports ladder is? is it like do one trick at a time? well i’d love to make new friends up in plymouth and if you are around my age that would be cool! im 12 and so is my friend and im really nervous too! i have never been in any contest at all.

Here’s the best description of a sports ladder. Seems fun!

I did the ladder when I was at cal states, It is really fun, but just remember to not be nervous, no one is judging you ( except for the judges, but they are nice too)