Contest Help

 Hey guys.

 For all the people who have competed in a yoyo contest and knows how many points a certain trick is, can you help me figure out how many points a certain trick is in my freestyle?

 These are the tricks I'm going to be doing my freestyle(for FL States).

 1. Trapeze
 2. Eli Hops
 3. Double or Nothing
 4. Part 1 of Cold Fusion
 5. 1 1/2 Mount
 6. Brother-Sister Mount
 7. Buddah's Revenge
 8. Part 1 of Yuuki Slack
 9. Split Bottom Mount
 10. Boing-e-boing
 11. Atomic Bomb
 12. Wrist Mount
 13. Green Triangle
 14. Gyroscopic Flop
 15. Suicide

 That's all I have for now. I will post more tricks later.

 Thanks. (By the way, who is going to FL States?)

Although I don’t compete, if I were I’d start with the ladder competition.

I did start with the ladder competition, I think everyone has.

I don’t see why anyone would need to start with the trick ladder, but the strength of it is “trick, done.” No flow. Move on.

If you’re competing in freestyle, I’d suggest you watch a lot of videos. This is mainly so you can see how things go and what the expectations are. First time out, it’s not about winning, it’s about not choking, performing and finishing.

What are the rules of the Sports Ladder?

First of all a competition is about having fun and not about points and keeping score. Yes it is fun to win but if you are just going out there just to compete and count points you might as well not go, seriously. Just do what you want, develop your style and do what comes with your unique style. BUT it is mostly about string hits, releases and catches, and complexity in competitions. You can go fast and have alot of tech but you can also go slow and have massive tech, so just do what you want and, so you will at least have fun, don’t count points. Also it depends on how hard a trick is, a small eli hops and a full eli hops will have diffrent scores. Just have fun though, hehe.

A freestyle isn’t just a bunch of random tricks put together. It has too flow well with the music and be original. Make up your own combos and be creative. Just remember to have fun.

I agree with you, its not something that is completely necessary, BUT it is a good place to start for the newer players, heck, I’m new. Its been abt 9 months now, ohio states rolled around at about my 4 month mark and decided to do it, it was a good list of tricks to keep me going and helped push me.

Seeing those type of tricks
Sportladder is your best bet.
You gotta have some Combos and your own Original tricks to compete in freestyle and do well.