First contest freestyle

My first freestyle I’ve ever made/done in a contest. Got 19th out of 29 (top 11 got to finals). Received about 40 points, but would like to get this number up to 60+ for my next contest. Would like some constructive criticism on what I did wrong, what I did right, or any other feedback. I will be making a different freestyle, so just want some general ideas on what I can try and improve on the next contest.

Thanks, sorry for the bad video quality.

Hey, I was there. I got to finals but didn’t do really great. I guess the only advice I could give is make your tricks flow together a little better. It looked good though.

*I was the one with the black Beatles shirt

I’ll second that advice. You’re definitely more advanced than me, so I can’t really comment on the actual execution of the different elements of your combos. But the transitions between different elements stuck out to me as something that could use a bit of polish. Right now, you can see definite pauses between different elements, but if you work on making them flow into each other and look like one continuous combo, I think it would be an impressive run.

Yup. Your tricks are fine, you just need to smooth them out and hit them more consistently.

I was there I was the kid doing offstring. My yoyo broke before the contest and at that time I only had one so I borrowed a lot from people there. Thanks every one who helped Zac Rubino who let me borrow one of his sky hawks and other people I don’t remember their names. I did horrible in points missed, I think five yoyo switch outs or more. But it was fun. The only down side was one of my yoyos breaking.

Thanks for the feedback so far guys. Any tips on ways to score more points?

Though that shouldn’t be your focus when yoyoing, going clean and consistent is more competitively advantageous than trying to go for tricks that you may only be able to land 2/5 times.

Sweet, thanks for the advice. There were definitely a few tricks in there I was kind of hoping to hit clean, but were difficult to get consistently. Points definitely aren’t my main focus but my main goal is to eventually get good enough to hopefully get to finals. One of my many favorite parts of yoyoing is being able to show everyone what I’ve worked on recently. Not to mention I want to get up on “the big stage” more often so I can get over my fear of performing in front of people :P. My hands were shaking so bad at the start of this contest that I couldn’t even put the loop on my finger haha.

Dude, I really like your tricks, but the secret to winning/doing really well in a yoyo contest is practice. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! I know that’s some of the worst advice someone can ever give you, but it’s the truth. Your tricks need no messing with, just practice enough to smooth them out. Just a little word of experience, I have a nice, complicated body combo, and it was the most awkward thing you’ve every seen, but after doing it multiple times, the trick ironed itself out. It looks great now, and it will probably be the same with you!

You did a heck a lot better than me doing my first freestyle. Good job

Thanks guys, do some types of tricks score better than others? I know fast ones with lots of string hits can score well, but can slow, slacky tricks score well too if executed properly?

I actually don’t have that problem. My problem is after my freestyle, my hands are shaking so I can’t even screw a yoyo back together.

Just make the tricks more flowy and smooth. Other than that your tricks are good.