what are some basic tips to competing in a yoyo contest

Know the tricks. ;D

ya i guess but like are there any ways or patters that ur supost to do with it

Know the tricks. If you are doing the ladder know them cold. See the AYYA trick list to make sure you know what they expect. Somke tricks have multiple definitions, but a contest requires the AYYA method of doing it.

If you’re doing freestyle, have a routine that you are comfortable with. Use Music that matches what you do. Meaning the tempo should match your style. Have spare yoyos in case you get a tangle.

Above all, relax. Even if you know the tricks, it’s a lot different doing the whole thing in front of an audience.

Or, you could be not all concerned with winning contests and just yoyo for fun… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ugg. Some people see competing as fun.

I don’t at first. I get lightheaded due to stage fright xD

I yo’d at a talent competition, and I never knew 500 people could be so intimidating.

Anyway, freestyle is your own moves. I believe there’s a list of tricks you have to be able to do, but I’m not sure.

But, if you’ve ever made a combo, that’s what you use. You make your own moves and tricks up :slight_smile:

I competed today, and must say, now that I don’t get scared on stage anymore, it is ridiculously fun.

Do tricks that you know by heart. It gives you confidence up there, and you’ll score well.
Have presence. Don’t just stand in one place and yoyo. Walk around, look at the audience, etc.
Make your freestyle sync with your music. It’ll be better, performance-wise.
Plan your freestyle so that you have about 5-10 seconds at the end filled with nothing. With those extra seconds you can make sure you hit all the tricks you want to.
Don’t hate on the judges. They’re professionals and they spend all day in chairs clicking freestyles for you, so don’t argue with their decisions.

Just a few tips I can throw out there from the top of my head.

Yeah, great tips from Samad. And dude, you deserved way more than 7th today…

Honestly, I really didn’t. Judges knew what they were doing, and I got really cocky after getting third in the prelims. I had lots of fun, and everyone who beat me well deserved it.

Really? Well, I didn’t see it, but whatever. Everybody did amazing though