I want to start competing

I have been yo-yoing for a while now as a hobby and want to start competing in 1a freestyle and i’m not sure what tricks to know or where to begin so any tips would help a lot

There’s two methods of competing.

1: Trick ladder. This is a pre-published list of tricks. I’ve never seen how they run trick ladder. However, you’re going to be informed ahead of time what’s expected via that list.

2: Freestyle. Typically there’s a 1 minute preliminary and 2 minute final done with music. You make it up, you do it. Watch a lot of YouTube videos and see how it’s done.

Have fun! Don’t worry about how you do right now, just see where you end up. Learn from the experience and work for the next contest. Above all, have fun!

Oh wait, I said “have fun”. Well, it’s important!


I’ve been yoyoing for a while on an off but I’ve never tried to compete because I feel I’m not good enough. However in your case if you feel ready just go for it. It doesn’t matter what tricks you know it matters what you do with them and if you put on a show. Just feel free to choose any trick combination you want (unless it’s not a freestyle competition…).
With that being said I guess knowing most tricks in this side will be more then enough, then again I’ve never been to a competition and that’s just what I think.
Hope I helped :smiley:

Lol…studio beat me to it. Damn you iPhone keyboard!!

Here’s a helpful article featuring someone who’s actually been there, and competed on an etremely high level.


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I’m never going to compete. Just not what I’m in this for. I will attend contests for not just running sound, but also for the inspiration and the environment.

I think it’s great more people want to not only get into yoyo, but also desire to compete. I have a feeling my son is going to want to compete in a couple of years.

I agree with you, yet I still think I’ll try to compete before I decide it’s not for me, just for the sport :smiley:
Who knows…I might enjoy it

That attitude will take you a long way in this, as well as many other things. Only one way to know, and that’s to try. Learning from first hand experience is always the best.

I gotta say these are the most accurate words in regards to the best players.



and sorry i went off topic (and started talking about myself…:D), anyway, you (Knightnight5) feel that you are ready to compete, so go for it and have fun!

Didn’t think I’d actually be helping someone today.