How long did it take you before your skills are competition worthy?

Im at 8ish months and can do most tricks on yye (besides yukki slack and double suicide and magic drop tricks)

Just curious, and i want to see if im progressing decently enough.

I took a break and picked it back up about 6ish months ago. I am about where you are. I stopped looking into videos, and started to make my own tricks up a few months ago.

Don’t judge yourself to others, just have fun and the tricks will come all by themselves!

Good luck!

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You’re competition worthy from day 1… you wont be able to score many points on stage doing only sleepers… but you can still compete. Competitions are all different and the skill level at each one varies. Dont worry about competing. If you wanna, go for it! Even if you think you’ll get dead last. But if you want the answer your looking for… most people that win competitions have been yoyoing for years… like at least 2 years plus or minus . thats a big “plus” too as some people have been yoyoing for the past decade. Some people develop faster than others too, like Hipposlovecereal has been yoyoing for like 4 or 5 months and hes way better than most people on this forum. It just whenever you feel comfortable enough to showcase your skills.

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Basically anytime you feel your ready to be on a crowd and Yoyo. As for me that was at about a year I’m a slow learner. I found however that if your doing trick ladder it’s best to know all the tricks in order to score high.

It doesn’t matter how many tricks you have learned when competing. What matters is how many tricks you have come up with. They don’t want to see common, well known tricks. You want original content that is asthetically pleasing, high scoring, and original. Don’t get me wrong, the basics are important for you to learn elements to fiddle with and make your own. Tricks like Magic Drop and Yuuki Slack are extremely important for you to know. As for what is high scoring, it is typically anything somewhat technical, done with flow, and most importantly, fast. You want string hits, for they are easy points. You need to be able to do everything wih few mistakes. Once you have two minutes of this, you are ready.

Im probably gonna do the ladder soon enough, i was talking about competition freestyles. Thanks though!

I’ve been going for 4 months and I’m around where you are, with the exception that I’ve been putting most of my time into original tricks recently. Don’t sweat it, though. I practice 2, 3, sometimes 5 hours a day which is kind of pathetic now that I think about it XD. As far as competitive freestyles, I’d say start working on making your own tricks at this point (I get a lot of ideas from Rethinkyoyo) and you’ll be ready to make a decent routine in my opinion, but don’t be afraid to give it a shot whenever and just do your best. One of my biggest mistakes was to get stressed out about being good enough for a competition. Having fun is what’s important.

Well that was a pleasant surprise

I practice that much lol :stuck_out_tongue:

totally agreed about HipposLoveCereal also look at someone like Harrison Lee who was sponsored by CLYW after like a year of throwing

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