Competition Freestyles

Hey im goign to start giong to a regional competition next year and i wanted any tips or advice you guys have on creating freestyles, chosing the song, and making the prelim parts.

any tips or help on competitions would be nice. thanks :smiley:

Try to do as many high scoring tricks in prelims as you can, without being too pointwhoreish. In the finals, do some risky stuff. Also, never forget to have fun. I’d rather watch someone doing simple tricks while having lots of fun on stage, than someone who is looking at their yoyo for however long the freestyle is, doing advanced tech tricks.

pick a song with a good, kinda fast beat. and have fun man :smiley:

In prelims, it’s not a performance. There’s no performance score, only tech. Pointwhore the nunchucks out of your prelim.

If you do make finals and you are a stage-frighted person like me, make sure your first trick or first couple of tricks are tricks you can do well and feel comfortable doing. Try to kill the nerves early by hitting some stuff you KNOW you can hit. Also starts you out with a positive score and if everything goes well after that than for the risky stuff that will also score points. I’ve never been one to be good at freestyles but that advice has been given to me by many others. Good luck man.

thanks guys so far its been some pretty good advice.

do you guys know the point scales or anything. my freestyle has some body moves incorporated and stuff like that. is that “perf” or …well im not to sure about that too xD
so how do u get alot of poitns ?

so prelim score as much poitns… (how D: and does prelim mean anything besdies finals?)

and whats perf score.

and yea same here buddy. im kinda stage-frighted so recently ive been bringing my yoyo to school everyday and perfroming to get used to it. its helped. day one id be going and my leg would uncontrollably start shaking. now i just go too rushed.

Very carefully read the rules of the contest you’ll be attending. Two or three times all the way through at least. This should give you a good idea of how the system works.

Then read this.

I shant get into specific tricks or trick types here. Just know that the judges are yoyoers, they generally are quite familiar with the difficulty of most tricks, and what a trick is worth can vary depending on the individual judge. As the Abridged Secret Guide suggests, try to put enough variety in there to cover all the bases. Unless you know what you’re doing and are prepared to take the risks involved, don’t rely too heavily on any specific trick type.

String Hits

I cannot stress enough.