Should I Enter A Yoyo Contest?

I have been throwing for about three years now and I want to enter a comp. I have no clue what I’ll be going up against though. I don’t know if I’m good enough to even come close to placing top ten. I know 90% of the tricks taught on this website. But if I were to enter should I make up my own complex tricks? Anything helps! Thanks.

Yes, make your own tricks, go in knowing it’ll be fun and nothing else.

Don’t expect to win, if you do great, but enjoy the event.

Most people will make their own tricks when they go to contests because they want to show off something new, but you are not required to do so. Do whatever you like.
At your first few contests, placing is not important. I have been to both Florida and Georgia States and gotten 30th and 26th and I am not ashamed whatsoever. I love going to contests to meet other players, learn new tricks, and have fun.

Yes you should! I’m entering Cal States and I probably won’t make it to finals, but you shouldn’t focus on placing high or anything for your first contest.

do it there tons of fun yoyo contest wise!!! and who cares if you don’t place in the top 10! at least next time you go to a contest you will do better! and the more originality in contests the better!!!

Here is a little perspective…

My first contest was Iowa States 2012. I originally only signed up for sports ladder, but i decided to do a freestyle at the last second…

I got 7th, which just so happened to tie with Shakeem Anderson. I was shocked that I had tied with such an amazing yoyoer.

As for sports ladder, I got first, but its sports ladder, so… :stuck_out_tongue:

So if you can make it, ABSOLUTELY go. Also it is a great way to make friends/acquaintances.

Also, what contest are you going to? Just curious :slight_smile:

Why not? What do you have to lose? You never know how good the outcome may be so go ahead and try.

Ya I agree with Zorro I do Contest and do alright i guess… But The main thing is just to have fun and meet people!

I would only do it for the Skill and Wisdom which can be extracted from going! Don’t expect to win or place at all. Just do it for the fun of OHh ING to become better Yo-Yo’r and make connection.

In one word: absolutely
In two words: why not?

First contests are always memorable; you’ll meet a bunch of nice people who share the same hobby as you, and competitively, it’ll give you a chance to dip your toes in the water so to speak and see how competitions work first-hand.

Yea do it! I went to my first contest after yoyoing for under a year here’s the out come of that I came in 30 1st in the junior division which is pretty bad but I still had a ton of fun meating new people and it turned out being a great experience.

So do it for the fun not the scoring. Meet new friends and just hang out.

Oh yeah and here was my first contest for the heck of it.
I did terrible but it was a fun time.

If you’ve been yoyoing for just under 3 years, I’m kind of surprised you haven’t competed before. Go ahead. I doubt you’ll do badly, and if you do? So what? It’s experience and should be fun, even if it is a little nerve shattering.