You know when you can enter in a tournement when you????


When you are good ok or just want to


When you want to it is for fun. My first freestyle got 12th place at MER! I was so happy with my self. I was positive I would get last because i thought most people there were way better than me. So you might be pleasantly surprised…


Don’t care how good I get, I have no desire to compete.

Oh and for the record, I do in fact suck at yoyo. Doesn’t mean I am not enjoying it. I am. I’m just really having a tough time with it. As far as I’m concerned, it’s all about the fun.

However, in general, if you think you can compete and want to enter a tournament, then do it. Learn from your results, have fun, improve and enjoy. It’s all good if you let it be all good!


If competing is what you want to do, just go do it. Start out with the ladder tricks if that’s all the better you feel you are. Just the experience of getting up on the stage is good. You have to start somewhere.


Dude, enter anytime you want. I entered last year at PNWR, I knew I sucked, I got stage frieghtend and got 63rd place but that’s okay cause it was my first time yoyoing in front of a large group of people and it was fun. Meet new people and make a name for yourself.

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when you can type out this message.


Well done.



just enter, so the people who set it up will have better stats to show off and it’ll look better from the outside viewer, you want to help the community grow, get into tournaments, especially the smaller ones, you’ll be helping.


Says the dude who asked how he can get sponsored.


Know how to spell TOURNAMENT.


Says the dude who needs to mind his own business and shut his mouth


I am crying because of certain new users. OI! JOSH! Commence… WHATEVER IT IS YOU DO!


What do you mean by “mind my own business”? If this was personal, then why did the op decide to post a topic about being sponsored and a topic giving advice for entering a tournament? Stop being an a-hole and get a life. I mean, all you do is trail other people’s post, looking for a chance to insult someone. Congratulations, you’ve proven yourself to be less stable than a 2 year old.


I don’t think the OP is giving advice but asking others to tell him when he will know he OS ready.

More on topic I would say you are ready when you can yoyo for 2-3 minutes without being repetitive.


Some of you sure know how to ruin a topic…